How This Makeup Artist Booked 20 Weddings In A Month

Case Study | KarenB Makeup

Karen is a professional makeup artist and for the past 12 years, she has been relying on word of mouth and some traditional methods of advertising to attract her clients. She had her website all designed but didn't know how to get traffic.

She relied on posting content on Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis to keep the wedding bookings coming in.

​Proposed Solution

We identified that the kind of clients she wanted would be on the higher end of the spectrum, so we used Facebook Ads to run searches against industry magazines and popular websites relating to weddings and more.

We correctly assumed that because of the low budget, a lot of these were first-time and fairly young couples so we created an offer on the ads for a free download of a wedding makeup guide.

We helped Karen with her marketing strategy which included an irresistible offer. 

Once the Sales funnel was completed and all the warming content set in place, we launched her campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google.


We started working with Karen in the month of July. We spent some time on the initial setup and generating content to ensure that we have a great system in place.

Her official campaign was launched on 11 August.

In the first week, she had 8 qualified enquiries with 4 confirmed bookings. These weren't people looking for the free download, these were people enquiring after reading it. We also used Videos and Blog articles to help find her ideal clients.

In week 3 and 4 the booking started to come in at a rapid pace. 

Her 20th booking came in on the 11th of September!

She had this to say:

"I started my business with a love for makeup and people. I had no idea how to get new customers, besides from referrals and having a proper website. I had some money to spend but no idea where to put it. JoEY Street Creative guided me to having almost more enquiries than I could handle. I am overwhelmed with the great result and I am looking forward to this exiting journey with them.

KarenB | Makeup Artist

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