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Tom Tom​

TomTom provides sophisticated tracking, mapping and GPS data worldwide. It was founded in 1991, in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands and has since expanded operations to 58 offices in 35 countries. TomTom sells and licenses its products and software across the globe, providing the fastest and most innovative tracking services worldwide. SA-SOS has partnered with TomTom to ensure the very best tracking data for our participating partners, and clients. 

Becoming a Partner

At SA-SOS, we put the personal safety of our customers first, by operating throughout South Africa. When you become a partner at SA-SOS, you not only expand the speed and scope of our service-delivery, but benefit your operations as well.

SA-SOS provides training, incentives and fully supported systems to partners.

When you partner with us, you:

  • Expand your own product-range by including SA-SOS to your customer-base

  • Receive all the relevant training and equipment to support the service

  • Expand your monthly call-outs

  • Become eligible for the Elite SA-SOS Program

Vision and Mission


To empower your personal Safety through the very best National Emergency and Security Response Application in South Africa.  


To guard our clients, wherever they are, with the fastest security and emergency response-time by:

- Using innovating systems; and

- Evolving the nature of private security;

Thereby becoming the largest and most reliable mobile safety-service application, by unifying and empowering the best security and emergency personnel, nationwide. 


We are committed to:

  • Providing the fastest and most professional service, wherever you are

  • Making a visible difference in society by continuing to evolve and improve our service offering

  • Using the best that technology has to offer, accommodating a wide variety of device platforms

  • Empowering skills within our partnerships to better assist with lifesaving services

  • Maintaining an affordable, usable and accessible product for all 

Social Responsibility

The SA-SOS team is committed to changing the security landscape in Southern Africa. We believe very strongly in developing effective interventions and support for victims of crime. Although there is a larger concentration of crime in urban, and suburban city regions, statistics indicate that crimes in rural and farming communities tend to be more brutal.

SA-SOS is dedicated to empowering and supporting victims, including widows and orphans, in these communities, through aid, education and visibility.

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